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Artificial Intelligence in Cardiovascular Disease – Replay Videos

Artificial Intelligence is center stage, also in CVD: Did you miss the AI21 in London on May 26th – May 27th? Don’t worry, you can listen to any of the amazing lectures by the experts in the field HERE – it is worth it!
AI will soon be part of our clinical practice.  

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NEW: PCHF London ONLINE – Module 5 is now available!
The Zurich Heart House, known throughout the world for its excellence in providing postgraduate courses in heart failure, has created the perfect course for you:
the online Postgraduate Course in Heart Failure London (PCHF London online)!

Do not miss this great opportunity to learn at home, on your own time and pace, from the best in the field of heart failure.

To learn more about the PCHF London online course watch the introduction video below, check out the course flyer or click here!

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